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Pool Rule Signs To Make Pools Safer When No Lifeguard is Available

Pool Rules Safety

Pool Rule Signs To Make Pools Safer When No Lifeguard is Available

As the second leading cause of accidental death in America, drowning can be prevented when dedicated lifeguards on duty are available to carry out their duties at swimming pools. Having pool safety signs can also make a difference, establishing rules that minimize the risks.

Most drownings are tragic events resulting from improper safety measures in the pool area. Adult supervision can help, as can proper rules in place that signs reinforce. Drowning is a major problem that we should care more about as a society and do everything in our power to prevent.

Pool Rule Signs As Safety Measures

Investing in safety signage for swimming pools is your best option when there are no lifeguards on duty. A single and prominently visible pool rules sign goes a long way towards increasing safety measures. These signs can inform swimmers that they should not be running because doing so on a slippery surface can lead to a child falling down or worse; the risk of drowning in this scenario is similar to getting a severe injury. We want to do everything we can to prevent this.

Pool Rules Signs as Warning Signage

A pool rules sign can warn swimmers of other potential detriments that can impact their health and safety. Important information on a pool rules sign typically includes warnings of No Food or Beverage allowed, No Running, No Pets allowed, No Diving, the maximum quantity of the Bathing load allowed, No Glass allowed and other vital information that is often overlooked by many. Why are these simple rules more important than we think?

Well for starters, there are so many little incidents that can occur in a Pool area that are often neglected. With food or beverages, this can often contaminate the water and can potentially get into our systems. Also, when we are eating participating in physical activity directly afterward is not recommended by many health experts. Pets can often be a distraction and should not be allowed in many pool areas as they have to be always supervised.

Diving can lead to a child hitting their head on the bottom of the surface or another tragic accident that can be prevented. This is why professionals don’t recommend diving; it is one of the major contributors to accidents in swimming pools. The only way to allow this activity is by posting a lifeguard who can ensure that swimmers will only dive at the deep end when no one else is in the water.

Swimming Pool Safety

Pool Rule Signs 

Pool safety is something we should all care about, especially when it pertains to children’s lives. We would do anything to protect our kids. Yet many parents would let children swim in pools with no lifeguard on duty and not knowing the proper precautionary safety rules.

Our children’s safety should be our number one priority. If you see a pool without safety signage, we highly advise you to not allow your children to swim unless you have full supervision of your children and are watching them like a hawk.

When there is no safety signage, contact the administration of the given establishment of the pool. Inform them to purchase this signage or else you won’t attend there anymore. Tell them of the risks that occur when they do not have any signage up.

The easiest way to increase pool safety is by having a lifeguard on duty at all hours. This way, there will always be a safety supervisor for the children. In reality, having a lifeguard available at all hours is not a possibility for most. What do you do when you are left with this scenario?

The Bottom Line Of Pool SignsSigns For Pool Rules

A pool rules sign is a smart inexpensive investment in order to ensure everyone is safe in your pool area. These signs should meet all municipal regulations to ensure they are highly visible and easy to read. The best signs on the market can ensure that safety is a priority.

Pool rules signs can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes with customized wording. Some can even be made with composite technology for a 3D effect, but all should be highly visible for everyone to see at all times.

Learn More About Pool Rules Signs From The Municipal Supply & Sign Company

At the Municipal Supply & Sign Company, we take pride in our workmanship. Our portfolio of clients has expanded to include municipalities, public schools, construction companies, homeowners associations, and many other entities that require signage solutions.
Our products are made with highly resistant and reflective materials that can withstand years of rain and sunshine. Contact us today so that we can start working on the signs that will make your swimming pool safer.



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