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Street Sign Maintenance

Street Sign Maintenance

Keeping road signage in good condition is a task typically handled by municipalities or property management organizations. At the Municipal Supply and Sign Company, many of our customers are maintenance specialists who work for gated communities, school districts, or the public works departments of cities, townships, counties, and states. Depending on the size of the jurisdiction, street sign maintenance can be a year-round process.

Why Traffic Sign Maintenance Is A Must

When we stop to think about transportation in our daily lives, we understand the importance of keeping traffic signs visible and in good shape. Imagine what would happen if two of the stop signs in a four-way intersection disappear overnight. Or consider the risk of a missing speed limit sign in a school zone. In the case of road signs that help drivers and pedestrians find their way, missing signs would bring about significant confusion as well as accidents.

Even though street and traffic signs are made with extremely durable material and highly resilient reflective sheeting, you cannot expect them to last forever, particularly in regions where extreme climate conditions prevail. Street signs are also subject to damage from accidents and vandalism. Proper maintenance of signs can be thought of as reflection of how efficiently a city or town is being managed.


Repair Or Replace Street Signs

Replacement is not the only maintenance task that applies to street and traffic signs. Short of washing, there is only so much that can be done to the signage itself, although some regulatory signs such as speed limits can be modified with adhesive pieces of sheeting. The mounting mechanism of signs is a different story because it may involve several pieces of hardware, especially when we are talking about pole-mounted signs.

Our online catalog features quite a few parts and supplies that can be used to repair signs that do not require complete replacement. In many cases, the various mounting hardware pieces will need to be replaced before the sign.

Who Is Responsible For Street Sign Maintenance

As previously mentioned, the upkeep of road signage and traffic control devices is typically within the purview of municipalities. In the United States, this task is regulated at the federal and state level, but it is performed by counties and cities.

Gated communities are often responsible for their own traffic and street sign maintenance; the same can be said about major shopping centers and school districts. It is not uncommon for these organizations to contract maintenance specialists to carry out this kind of work if it is reasonable to do so.

Learn More About Sign Post Maintenance From Municipal Supply And Sign

The Municipal Supply and Sign Company has been supporting the sign maintenance sector for decades. If you have questions about maintenance, materials, or hardware, our customer service department will happily provide answers.

Please feel free to contact our Southwest Florida office today; we will reply as soon as possible.

Municipal Supply will help find the material necessary for installations or replacement.

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  • Anthony Marcel Spivey on

    I would like to report a street sign that is missing. There was an accident in July of this year and the driver took out the sign when he ran into a house on the street. The street is Sweet Bulb lane in Winston Salem at zip code 27106. Thanks

  • genie myers on

    I live in a private gated neighborhood. We need a couple replacement street signs to match the neighborhood. The first place we called said they only sell them in bulk. Do you sell individual signs? Thank you. Genie Myers

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