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Tools for installing signs and sign posts

Stanley Hydraulic Post Driver

Stanley Hydraulic Post Driver

The Stanley PD45 Post Driver will drive #2, #3, & #4 lb/ft "U" channel, #3 & #4 Strong Back "U" channel, #1 delineator, up to 2-5/8 inch round, or up to 2-1/2 inch square posts.

• 7-9 gpm (26-34 lpm) operating flow.
• Lifting eye.
• ON/OFF trigger next to guide handle (model dependent).
• Hose whips.
• Nitrogen charged accumulator.
• Guide handles.

Stanley Hydraulic Post Puller

Stanley Hydraulic Post Puller

The Stanley PP10 Post Puller is the ideal tool for pulling any type of post up to 8 inches wide.

• 3-9 gpm (11-34 lpm) operating range.
• 9800 lb pulling force.
• Carrying handle.
• UP/NEUTRAL/DOWN control valve.
• Built-in grips for "U" channel posts.
• Chain & pins for irregular & perforated posts.

D-17 Cap Post Driver Tool

Manual Post Drivers

DH8 Post Driver - Easy to handle one-man driver. The 65-inch length permits one man to drive u-channel, square, or round posts up to twelve feet from ground level. Weighted with hardened steel insert, swedged, pinned, welded. Barrel I.D. 3-3/4 inches, 65-inch length, 38 lbs.

DHD87 Post Driver (center) - This post driver basically is built the same as our #DH8 post driver, except is it a heavy-duty design to accommodate 3-lb. and 4-lb. sign posts. Barrel I.D. 4 inches, 65-inch length, 45 lbs.

DH4 Driver (right) - Lightweight driver for delineator posts and snow fence posts. The steel-driving weight is pinned and welded, guaranteed not to driver out. Barrel I.D. 2-1/2 inches, 30-inch length, 21 lbs.

D-17 Cap Post Driver Tool

DCDR68 - Protective Drive Cap

Welded, solid-steel top, thick wall, will drive 2 3/8" O.D. tubular posts. Top of post will stil accommodate a street-sign bracket without distortion. Weight 3 lbs.

DCH10 Cap Post Driver Tool

DCH10 - Junior Drive Cap

High-strength alloy steel casting. For "light" duty where only a limited number of posts are to be driven. Fits most 2-lb U-channel sign posts. Weight 4 lbs.

DC-17 Cap Driver tool

DCH17 - Big Boy Protective Drive Cap

High-strength alloy steel casting. AISI-4130. Heavy-duty for use with 3-lb and 4-lb posts. Weight 17.3 lbs.

C100 Standard Strap

C001 - Standard Strapping Tool

Forged with tensioning capability of over 2,400 Lb. & built-in cutter. Apply bands, buckles, strapping & clamps.

Heavy-duty strap tool

P-1 Heavy-duty Strapping Tool

For applying heavy duty windless ratchet tension , 3/8"- _" strapping to .030 thickness. Cutter & hammer for wing seal closing.

Compressed Air Post Driver

PD-50 Compressed Air Post Driver

Post driver for channel, delineator, square or tubublar signs posts. Woods posts, I-beams or any shape post up to 4 inches in diameter may be driven with an adapter. Can be operated by one person. A reciprocating piston delivers up to 1700 blows per minute directly to the post. This driver is lightweight and portable. Ideal for field work.

Weight: 57.5 pounds 3 5/8" master chuck. 90 PSI/43 CFM

Hydraulic Post Puller

PL-3 Hydraulic Post Puller

Easily hand-carried and operated by one person, this puller delivers up to three tons of pressure to quickly pull any post. Use with any of our three puller attachments. Weight: 53 pounds.

Chain post puller

Post Puller Assembly

Detachable Post Puller Jack Chains

Available in three sizes. Pullers pull U-channel, square, round and wood posts. Welded, hardened steel jaws prevent slipping. Automatically adjust to any shape post. Use with the standard or heavy duty jack and handle.

#PH4A Detechable Puller - For pulling posts 3 1/4" x 4" O.D. Use with #H7 jack and handle. Weight 11 lbs. (Patent No. 3,048,368)
#PH4AA Detechable Puller - For pulling posts 4 1/4" x 4 1/4" O.D. Use with the standard #H7 or heavy-duty #HD7 jack and handle. Weight 18 lbs. (Patent No. 3,048,368)
#PHD4AAA Detechable Puller - For pulling posts 6 1/4" x 6 1/4" O.D. Use with the heavy-duty #HD7 jack and handle. Weight 23 lbs. (Patent No. 3,048,368)

Post Puller Large

Small Post Puller

Hand-Operated Jacks and Handles
Pulls most types of posts. Handle is separate from base, and has two different leverage positions. The handle can also be used for straightening twisted channel posts. Use with detachable pullers PH4A, PHD4AA and PHD4AAA.

#HD7 Heavy-Duty Jack Base and Handle
This jack and handle is 25 inches tall and weighs 48 pounds. (Patent No. 3,066,915)

#H7 Jack Base and Handle
This jack and handle is 19 inches tall and weighs 44 pounds. (Patent No. 3,866,915)

Post Puller Handle

Post Puller Jack Handles
#JHD7H - Heavy-Duty Handle Only
#JH7H - Regular-Duty Handle Only


T2 Installation Tool

Special installation tool for Tamper-Pruf Fluted Nuts.

T43 Tool

T43 Installation Tool

Special installation tool for Vandal-Pruf Fastners.

T 58 Tool

T58 Installation Tool

Special installation tool for breakaway nuts.

T100 Allen Wrench

F100 - Allen Wrench

Works with standard set screws having a 5/32” socket. Also works with PRB38 set screws & BHP76 button head vandal-resistant bolt.

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