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MUTCD Sign Regulations



What is the MUTCD?

The MUTCD is the Manual on Uniform and Traffic Control Devices which is published by the Federal Highway Administration. The MUTCD is the set of regulations used for our roads and highways to ensure uniformity and increase safety measures.


What is impacted by the MUTCD?

Any sign that is intended for roadways must follow all MUTCD standards. Any traffic control device, road markings, highway signs, traffic signals and any type of sign seen by drivers, bikers or pedestrians on public roads, private roads, bike paths, highways and any road that the public has access to.


Do I have to follow the MUTCD regulations?

The answer to that is a simple YES! As of 2009, all states must conform to the National MUTCD regulations. The law for these regulations are in United States Code, section 109(d) and Title 23 of the Code of Federal Regulations.


Why is the MUTCD important?

The MUTCD is important because it helps increase safety measures on our roadways with uniformity and ensuring that all signs are easy to read at all times, visible from great distances, and strong durability without having to worry about the sign fading or breaking easily.


What are we doing to follow MUTCD standards?

At Municipal Supply and Sign Company we pride ourselves on our signs being designed to meet all MUTCD specifications. To do this we manufacture our signs on D.O.T. Alodined Aluminum with 3M Reflective Sheeting. Doing this allows for our signs to be of the highest quality and built to last 7-10 years in the Florida UV sunlight.


Do you want to learn more about the MUTCD?

Do you want to know everything there is to know about the Manual on Uniform and Traffic Control Devices? Their website at is a great way to start. Read the entire manual for yourself or get a further grasp for the significance or learn of the history and how it is always changing.