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Sign Brackets

Sign brackets from Municipal Supply & Sign Co.

A sign is only useful if you’ve been able to mount it. If your organization has been having some difficulty figuring out the best way to post a sign, then you’ll probably want to invest in a set of solid sign brackets that make this job easier. We’ve tried to consider as many different dimensions as possible, so you can find your preferred part regardless of how big or small your sign is.

Naturally, at Municipal Supply & Sign Co., we’ve done our best to stock brackets for as many of the signs we carry as possible.

Bracketing & Hanging Your Signs

While different signs might exhibit various weights, they can normally be held together with the same types of brackets and mounting hardware. Advances in materials engineering and design have helped to ensure that several standardized types of sign brackets can work with a wide variety of sign styles.

For instance, both 12×18 and 18×24 sized signs could use the same style of chevron bracket, since it’s designed to fit signs that are made to these specifications. Simply select your dimensions and you should be able to find a piece of hardware that will help you mount them. Stainless steel strapping should help you to finish the installation, which is sold in 200-foot coils that come with a convenient dispensing box so you can post signage in a durable fashion.

Wing brackets come in a convenient Metro style or a more traditional aluminum one, which helps to give you some further control over the way that your signs are mounted. Keep in mind that many signs feature pre-drilled holes that make the mounting and posting process even easier as long as you know the right kinds of bolts and potentially nuts that you need in order to keep your signs hung correctly.

Finish the installation with post caps, so you can have a professional look. These will help to ensure that you don’t have any loose ends or anything that could be hanging off the edges. Rough-looking edges could also contribute to problems over time, especially if your signs are posted in high-traffic areas. Investing in a little bit of finishing hardware now can help to dramatically reduce the risk of this sort of thing becoming an issue later on.

After a while you’ll probably want to have a few extra parts on hand to help you maintain your signage in the future. Perhaps you’ll want to acquire some additional components, which would be useful if something happened at a later date. It couldn’t be easier to do so.

Matching Hardware with Signs

Take a few moments to measure the dimensions of the sign you plan to post as well as the frame that you’re putting it on. Once you have them, use our handy online contact form to get in touch with our representatives. We’ll make sure that we get you the sign brackets that would best fit your particular case. Matching hardware with signs shouldn’t have to be difficult.