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Street Name Signs

Our high quality standards for street name plates make us your number 1 choice to supply all your street name plates! We recognize and comply with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) standards and regulation. All our street name plates are manufactured with quality sheeting from 3M to ensure optimum grade performance and longevity. Please view option below to quote your street name plates!








Do you know the difference between streets, avenues, boulevards, courts, and terraces in the United States? These are all names for road surfaces that connect two geographical points. In essence, streets and avenues run across residential or commercial sections with structures on either side; avenues used to be named for larger streets running north to south, but this can vary from one municipality to another. Courts are usually dead-end streets, and terraces are smaller roads atop hills.

Streets are named or numbered per municipal order; likewise, proper signage is a matter of ordinances that follow addressing systems and traffic conventions. The street name signs we manufacture and customize comply with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices published by the Federal Highway Administration.

Street Name Plate Colors

The two most traditional colors used for the background or lettering field of street name signs are green and blue, but you can also choose white or blue. If the street signs are intended to be used in a gated community, they should all be the same color for the sake of uniformity and to avoid confusion.

Lettering for Street Name Signs

For the most part, a combination of upper and lowercase lettering in sans-serif typeface is preferred because drivers are used to this scheme. You want uppercase letters to be at least four inches tall; lowercase letters should have a height of at least three inches. If you need to add designations or cardinal points such as Main St W, the supplemental letters can be three inches high for uppercase and 2.5 inches for lowercase. Regarding color, approved background colors include green, blue, and brown while white is the only approved color for letters.

Street Name Plate Length

We offer nameplates in the following lengths: 24, 30, 36, 42, and 48 inches. Long street names such as Boulevard of the Mountains can be abbreviated to fit the plate. The minimum plate height is six inches.

Street Name Plate Materials

Per Department of Transportation specs, our street nameplates are made with long-lasting alodined aluminum. You can choose from two grades of 3M sheeting: Prismatic, and Diamond grade. If you want the highest visibility and durability for your street signs, we recommend Diamond Grade sheeting.

Learn More About Street Name Plates

If you have questions related to street nameplates and signs for your community, we can answer them with regard to the rules and regulations of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Keep in mind that gated communities and private streets should always follow municipal code before homeowners associate rules. We offer preferred pricing for schools and municipalities. The Municipal Supply & Sign Company has been in business since the mid-1960s, and we have developed a strong e-commerce presence for the convenience of customers around the world.