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Construction Signs

We tend to take signage for granted in our daily lives, but industrial safety experts will tell you that signs play a more important role than many of us realize. In situations such as road construction projects, signs are crucial in terms of communicating the language of safety to all those directly or indirectly involved; we are talking about drivers, workers, pedestrians, project partners, and visitors.

Construction Signs Characteristics

After messaging and location, the most important aspects of road construction signs are compliance, design, visibility, and durability. Our signage products for construction projects are compliant with the standards promulgated by the Federal Highway Administration of the United States, but we can always create custom sign solutions for other jurisdictions or specific projects.

With the above in mind, here are some of our best-selling construction signs:

CG20-4 Pilot Car Sign

Unlike most road construction signs, this one is not affixed to a pole or structure; it is placed on the back of a moving vehicle that will safely guide other drivers or heavy equipment operators through a project.

CM4-9a Bike and Pedestrian Detour

It is always good to keep one of these signs as a backup because you never know when a project may impact a sidewalk or foot trail. This sign starts with a 30 x 24 inches size and can be customized with arrows pointing left or right.

CG20-5aP Work Zone Plaque

You can never have too many of these signs. The alodine aluminum material is forged in accordance with Department of Transportation standards. If you want these signs to last for years in extreme weather conditions, be sure to get 3M Diamond Grade reflective sheeting.

CW21-1 Workers Sign

This is perhaps the most important sign that should be displayed on a road construction project because drivers will pay closer attention. For the most visibility and greater caution, we recommend the larger size of 48 x 48 inches.

Learn More About Construction Signs

With more than five decades of continuous operations, Municipal Sign & Supply Company is an established American business providing quality signage solutions. Our products are proudly made in the USA, but our customers are located around the world. Should you have questions about the construction sign products in our catalog, our customer service department is standing by to provide answers. Contact our Florida office today; we will return your query as soon as possible.