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Sign Posts

Street Sign Posts & Parking Lot Sign Posts

Municipal Supply & Sign Co. stocks various sizes and lengths of Rib-Bak™, U-Channel, Square Tubular Sign Posts, and Round Tubular Sign Posts. To make the job easier, don't forget Tools & Hardware and Accessories. And for mounting your signs, Municipal Supply & Sign Co. stocks a large assortment of high-quality brackets. For a longer life for your sign posts, add VinylGuard protective sleeves.

U-Channel Sign Posts & Breakaway Systems

Municipal Supply & Sign Co. is the stocking Florida distributor for Nucor Steel Marion Inc.'s complete line of Rib-Bak™ u-channel posts and breakaway systems. We maintain a large inventory of both galvanized and green u-channel posts, as well as the Lap-Splice™ and Slip-Safe™ breakaway systems which are engineered specifically for the Rib-Bak™. All Nucor Steel products are NCHRP-350 Approved.

The Rib-Bak™ is the strongest u-channel post available on the market today. It is produced from new-billet steel with a minimum tensile strength of 80,000 psi, and a minimum yield strength of 100,000 psi. New-billet steel is produced from 100% recycled scrap steel. Other u-channel is produced from re-rolled railroad rails with only 60,000 psi minimum tensile and 80,000 psi minimum yield. The Rib-Bak™ u-channel posts offer 25% greater strength and wind load capacity, while its higher carbon content gives you the breakaway characteristics you need.

U-channel posts in stock

(Specify length, weight and finish when ordering.)
Part No. Length Weight per foot Finish U-Channel Post Specifications
CD1120700 7-foot 1.12 Powder Coat
CP2000700 7-foot Powder Coat
GD1120700 7-foot 1.12 Galvanized
CD1120800 8-foot 1.12 Powder Coat
CP2000800 8-foot 2 Powder Coat
GD1120800 8-foot Galvanized
CP1120900 9-foot Powder Coat
CP2001000 10-foot 2 Powder Coat
GP2001200 10-foot 2 Galvanized
CP2001100 11-foot 2 Powder Coat
GP2001100 11-foot 2 Galvanized
CP2001200 12-foot 2 Powder Coat
GP2001200 12-foot 2 Galvanized
CP3001200 12-foot 3 Powder Coat
GP2001200 12-foot 3 Galvanized
Other lengths are also available.
Looking to buy more then 50 posts? Call for special pricing: 800-329-5366