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Sign Posts

Street Sign Posts & Parking Lot Sign Posts

Municipal Supply & Sign Co. stocks various sizes and lengths of Rib-Bak™, U-Channel, Square Tubular Sign Posts, and Round Tubular Sign Posts. To make the job easier, don't forget Tools & Hardware and Accessories. And for mounting your signs, Municipal Supply & Sign Co. stocks a large assortment of high-quality brackets. For a longer life for your sign posts, add VinylGuard protective sleeves.

U-Channel Sign Posts & Breakaway Systems

Municipal Supply & Sign Co. is the stocking Florida distributor for Nucor Steel Marion Inc.'s complete line of Rib-Bak™ u-channel posts and breakaway systems. We maintain a large inventory of both galvanized and green u-channel posts, as well as the Lap-Splice™ and Slip-Safe™ breakaway systems which are engineered specifically for the Rib-Bak™. All Nucor Steel products are NCHRP-350 Approved.

The Rib-Bak™ is the strongest u-channel post available on the market today. It is produced from new-billet steel with a minimum tensile strength of 80,000 psi, and a minimum yield strength of 100,000 psi. New-billet steel is produced from 100% recycled scrap steel. Other u-channel is produced from re-rolled railroad rails with only 60,000 psi minimum tensile and 80,000 psi minimum yield. The Rib-Bak™ u-channel posts offer 25% greater strength and wind load capacity, while its higher carbon content gives you the breakaway characteristics you need.

U-channel posts in stock

(Specify length, weight and finish when ordering.)
Part No. Length Weight per foot Finish U-Channel Post Specifications
CD1120700 7-foot 1.12 Powder Coat
CP2000700 7-foot Powder Coat
GD1120700 7-foot 1.12 Galvanized
CD1120800 8-foot 1.12 Powder Coat
CP2000800 8-foot 2 Powder Coat
GD1120800 8-foot 2 Galvanized
CP1120900 9-foot Powder Coat
CP2001000 10-foot 2 Powder Coat
GP2001200 10-foot 2 Galvanized
CP2001100 11-foot 2 Powder Coat
GP2001100 11-foot 2 Galvanized
CP2001200 12-foot 2 Powder Coat
GP2001200 12-foot 2 Galvanized
CP3001200 12-foot 3 Powder Coat
GP2001200 12-foot 3 Galvanized
Other lengths are also available.
Looking to buy more then 50 posts? Call for special pricing: 800-329-5366

The functionality of in-ground sign posts is easy to describe and understand. We install metal signposts for the purpose of standing up straight and holding up plates according to messaging and signaling systems, but there is significant engineering and material design that goes along with the manufacturing of these items. Pole materials need to withstand not only regional climate conditions but also natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and winter storms; moreover, in-ground signposts also need to feature mechanisms that reduce the amount of damage and injury in case of vehicular collisions.

Modern Sign Post Solutions

In the five decades that the Municipal Supply & Sign Company has been in business, we have witnessed the evolution of metal signposts, which are currently more durable, safer, and more cost-efficient than ever. The metal forged for these posts has an added element of sustainability; new-billet steel, for example, is made with recycled metal collected from scrap facilities. We have also seen some very clever engineering that has produced safe breakaway systems. Here are some of our most popular signpost models:

U-Channel Post With Hardware Included

These eight-foot posts are made of galvanized Nucor Rib-Bak steel, which happens to be 25% stronger than the metals manufactured with recycled railroad ties. The green powder coating of these posts will resist chipping and extreme weather conditions. Each of these u-channel posts comes with all the hex bolts, lock washers, and nuts needed to attach signs.

Bend-Bak Delineator Posts With Hardware Included

These unbreakable posts can withstand major impact and can be easily straightened back into shape. Forget about temporary delineator posts made of fiberglass or plastic; these posts are manufactured with mild carbon steel for maximum durability, and they ship with all the hardware pieces you need to attach signs. The affordable pricing of these posts can be made even lower when they are purchased in bundles of 50.

C-Slip Breakaway System

When your project features the installation of posts are busy intersections with a higher risk of an accidental vehicle collision, you will want to use a breakaway system that will reduce the likelihood of injury or major damage. The C-Slip breakaway base is reusable and will support signs as large as 42 square feet.

Learn More About Our Sign Post Products

In addition to poles and posts, the Municipal Supply & Sign Company also offers a full range of bracket hardware and accessories for installation and mounting. If you are looking for commercial signposts that are not meant to be permanently installed, check out our galvanized folding stands. We can also customize the design of your commercial sign posts if you require them for special purposes. Please contact our office whenever you have questions about placing an order.