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School Safety Signs for Sale

Of all the lessons we have learned from the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, one lesson that clearly stands out is the need for adequate school health and safety signs. All security plans should include strategies to install safety signs and symbols in school; the idea is to provide crucial information while building connections with all educational stakeholders, which include students, parents, administrators, and members of the academic staff.

Most people who visit an academic facility, particularly those that serve primary education students, will pay attention to school entrance signs; this is almost human nature. School administrators can use a number of media channels to make announcements and provide information to the public, but custom school signs often work better in this regard because the message is delivered in a highly physical manner.

The following products are among the most popular in the school signage category:

S1-1-School Sign

Of all school traffic signs, this one is the most universally recognizable by drivers and pedestrian. The pictograph of a young student and a guardian conforms to the guidelines in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

S3-1-School Bus Stop Ahead

This is one of our most informative school traffic signs because its design includes everything that drivers need to know about school buses coming to a stop in order to let students board and exit: The flashing light, the stop sign protruding from the side of the vehicle, and the students surrounding the bus.

SR1-6c-School Crossing Sign

Even though crosswalks painted on the road surface tend to be very visible; it is always better to post an informative school crossing sign such as the SR1-6c, which depicts both children and adult pedestrians. These road signs can be configured to either yield or stop for pedestrians crossing the road. When installed in the right spot, a school crossing sign can prevent accidents and improve the flow of traffic.

S4-5 Reduced School Speed Limit

Drivers tend to pay more attention to road signs that explain their purpose. When a driver sees, for example, a sign alerting her that a 20 MPH speed zone is coming ahead, she will react with a standard level of alertness. On the other hand, if she sees an S4-5 sign informing her that a school zone is coming, she will likely start slowing down immediately.

All the road signs we manufacture are highly visible and designed to withstand various weather conditions. The metal we use is alodined aluminum made to the specifications of the United States Department of Transportation. As for the sheeting, you can choose between engineer and prismatic depending on regional climate.

Learn More About Safety Signs and Symbols in School

Since 1963, the Municipal Supply & Sign Company has been providing school health and safety signs solutions for customers around the world. We take pride in offering signage products that are highly visible and extremely durable. Should you have questions about school entrance signs or any other products in our online catalog, please reach out to our customer service department. With regard to custom school signs, we always recommend that you consult with your compliance specialist before the design and ordering process.