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Composite Signs

We can create custom 3-D Signs to fit almost any need!

The benefits of High Density Urethane (HDU) include a virtually unlimited life span
in any interior or exterior environment.

• Will not wrap, split or crack • Will not rot or decompose
• 100% waterproof • Highly chemically resistant
• Unaffected by temperature

3-D Custom-Made Composite Signs

All of Municipal Supply & Sign Co.'s custom-made, sandblasted 3-D signs are created with High Density Urethane. HDU is being used everywhere to replace old wooden signs that rot and crack. Among other benefits, HDU is lightweight and less likely to break than wood if struck. These signs will stand the test of time. More options in sandblasting techniques are available with HDU because of the consistency of the product, so the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Perfect for swimming pools, ponds, golf courses, boats, entrance signs, etc.
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