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Construction & Work Zone Signs And Supplies

Collage of work zone equipment

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Steel Barricades

Heavy-duty angle iron, protected with white baked enamel. 24" x 8" reflective panels are plywood, painted white and covered with high-intensity or engineer-grade reflective sheeting. Folds flat, hardware is included. Stands are shipped unassembled.
Type 2 with 4 reflective panels.
Type 1
with 2 reflective panels, and 2 stabilizers, coated with white baked enamel.
Plastic barricades spacer
Plastic Barricades

Type 1 - Portable, 15-pound plastic barricade with two engineer-grade or high-intensity reflective panels. Available in a variety of sizes. Folds flat.
Large Barricade spacer
Large Plastic Barricade

Portable plastic barricade with engineer-grade or high-intensity reflective panels.
Plastic sandwich board barricades spacer
Plastic Sandwich Board Barricades
Portable plastic barricade with engineer-grade or high-intensity reflective panels.
Barrell spacer
Plastic Barricade Barrel With Flasher

Portable plastic barricade with engineer-grade or high-intensity reflective panels.
PVC Orange Glow Cones

Made of heavy duty plastic. Available in two sizes.
GC18 - 18 inches tall
GC28 - 28 inches tall
GC36 - 36 inches tall
Flasher spacer
FL-8 Flasher

Includes mounting hardware. Replacement batteries and bulbs are also available..
Heavy Duty Battery spacer
Heavy-Duty Replacement Battery

Replacement battery for FL-8 flashing light.
Barricade tape spacer
Work Zone Barricade Tape

High intensity or engineer grade sheeting with pressure sensitive adhesive, and 4-inch or 6-inch orange and white stripes. Available in rolls of 6" x 150' and 8" x 150."
NSBR-4R (right) 4-inch stripes
NSBR-4L (left) 4-inch stripes

NSBR-6R (right) 6-inch stripes
NSBR-6L (left) 6-inch stripes
Conspicuity Tape spacer
Conspicuity Tape

This 2" diamond grade reflective red & white sheeting is available in 50-yard rolls and is perfect to highlight flat bed trucks & add visibility to your vehicle.
Conspicuity Tape spacer
Caution Tape

Rolls of plastic caution tape available in several verbiages, such as CAUTION, FIRE LINE DO NOT CROSS. Available in bright yellow or red, with black lettering.
Stop-Slow paddle spacer
Flag Person Sign Paddles

Stop on one side, slow on the other. Includes 12" or 60" rigid staff and hardware. Specify baked enamel or engineer grade reflective finish, sign size and staff length.
SP-12 - 12" x 12" sign
SP-18 - 18" x 18" sign
SP-24 - 24" x 24" sign
Work safety vests spacer
Work Safety Vests
VEST - Orange mesh vest
VESTR - Orange mest vest with reflective stripes
Red Traffic Control Flag

Red Traffic Control Flag

Available in two sizes.
FLAG - 18-inch red flag with 24-inch wood staff.
FLA24 - 24-inch red flag with 36-inch wood staff.

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