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10 Fun Facts about Neon Signs

Fun Facts Neon Signs

10 Fun Facts about Neon Signs

  1. Neon Signs were first used by businesses in America in 1923, with the first being the Packard Car Company.
  1. There are over 150 different colors that can be used on Neon Lights. Think of all the possibilities that this can be used for. Any color Neon sign you want can almost certainly be done.
  1. The first Neon signs cost the Packard Company over $12,000 each. That is far more expensive than they are now today. Thankfully, they are a fraction of the price because they are a staple in the Advertising Industry.
  1. The light emitted from Neon has the capabilities of passing through water fog. To put that in perspective, the light produced from the element Neon can be used in colder regions and at airports with heavy traffic.
  1. Many Neon lights are actually handmade. It requires a great deal of precision to make the tubes as they have to bent carefully or else they might crack and break.
  1. The tubes in Neon lights can be bent in any shape imaginable or spell out any word you want on a sign. Your dreams can be brought to life if you chose to have one custom made.
  1. A typical Neon Sign can last for over ten years, even in the Florida UV sun. Now you don’t have to worry about replacing your cheap signs every few months or years. You have one built to last decades.
  1. The oldest surviving Neon Sign is at the Lake Worth Playhouse in Lake Worth, Florida. This sign has been emitting vibrant light since 1929.
  1. Neon was discovered in 1898 by the scientists, William Ramsay and Morris W. Travers. Two of the most important human beings to the world of advertising.
  1. The most popular Neon Light is the Open Sign, a staple to Bars, Clubs and Restaurants throughout the world.

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