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Municipal Supply and Nucor, a Sign of Quality

Municipal Supply and Nucor, a Sign of Quality

Municipal Supply & Sign Co. is a stocking distributor for Nucor Steel Marion Inc.'s complete line of Rib-Bak™ u-channel posts and breakaway systems. We maintain a large inventory of both galvanized and green steel u-channel traffic and parking sign posts, as well as the Lap-Splice™ and Slip-Safe™ breakaway uchannel systems which are engineered specifically for the Rib-Bak™. All Nucor Steel products are NCHRP-350 Approved. 

Why did Municipal Supply choose to distribute Nucor rather than the less expensive competitors?  Let’s take a look at the quality differences and why they matter.  Consider the following chart:

Comparing Signposts

RIB-BAK U-Channel

Other U-Channels


U.S. New-billet Steel

Foreign Rail Steel

Steel Properties

Consistent and Strong

Inconsistent and Weak – 25% Less Tensile Strength

Supports Signage on Back of Post


No – Signs Wobble on a Rounded Surface

Yield Strength

80 – 100 KSI

60 -80 KSI

ASTM Requirements

Exceeds Requirements

Meets Requirements

Post Needed to Support 30” Stop Sign in 70 m.p.h. winds, 7’ Clear Height

2.5 lb. Signpost

3 lb. Signpost

That’s right, this is a US based product made from new-billet steel.  You guessed it before you read it.  This type of product is more consistent and stronger than its competitors. Why does this matter you ask?  As in all things strong, you have to use less to accomplish your goal, making the job more cost efficient.  Nice to know during those very windy storms.

Not mentioned above, if you desire a green uchannel sign post, Nucor posts have the superior rust-resistant protection, durability and appearance of powder coating, known as Powder-Shell™, It is available for all sizes of RIB-BAK in green, black, yellow, white, orange and brown (other colors by request). For the ultimate protection against the elements, RIB-BAK steel posts are also available in hot-dipped galvanized. You’ll have to call us to see which post best suits your needs.


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