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Object Markers

Delineators, Delineator Signs, And Traffic Delineators

Without traffic delineators, motorists might end up not knowing which way to go. At best, this can be wrought with confusion while at worst it could potentially cause an accident. If you’re trying to mark out the best way for motorists to go in your area, then you’ll want to consider using these signs.

Often called object markers, traffic delineators let oncoming motorists know if they’re headed into an area that isn’t safe for them to be in. At times, that might mean that they’re headed for an end-of-the-road marker, which explicitly states where they can reasonably expect there to be no more ground for them to travel. Those who want to call attention to some sort of obstruction might want to invest in a Type 1 object marker, which features a collection of nine yellow buttons arranged in a sort of diamond pattern on a like-colored background.

Type 2 markers are rectangular in shape and they’re immediately recognizable. If you’re trying to mark off something and want to be sure that people know exactly where they’re not supposed to go, then this is a great way to call attention to whatever hazard you’re dealing with. They even feature reflective sheeting to make them particularly noticeable to those who come near them.

Object Markers For Your Area

Whether you represent a construction site, a small business, or even a community road department, you’ll want to make sure that the object markers you invest in make sense for the kind of area.

Optimize Traffic Control With Municipal Supply & Sign Co.

At Municipal Supply & Sign Co., we retail different object markers and delineators for your benefit. We believe in promoting road safety with signage, to reduce potential collisions.
Take some time to look over all of our traffic delineators and then contact us online if you run into any questions. Our team will do their best to ensure that you get the kind of signage that would work best for you.