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Parking Lot Signs

Parking Lot Signs

Did you know parking lot accidents happen at one-fifth of the frequency of road traffic accidents? Thankfully, drivers are generally unable to go very fast on parking lots; if that was not the case, we would have greater rates of injuries and more considerable property damage.

Promoting parking lot safety begins with posting the right signs. At Municipal Supply & Sign Company, all of our plaques and signs are fabricated with alodined aluminum for maximum durability. Members of our sales team have noticed that the following items in our catalog are among the best-selling signs within the parking lot category:

No Dumping

This sign is a must-have for property managers who have installed a dumpster near the parking lot. The direct reminder about violators being prosecuted sends a strong message to those individuals who insist on dumping their garbage in receptacles they do not even pay for.

No Thru Traffic

Some parking lots with entrances facing street corners can be confused with street sections by drivers who are not familiar with the area, but this sign will point out their mistake. At the same time, lots that do not have barriers are often used as shortcuts by drivers who assume you won’t mind them cutting through; in this case, this sign can provide some deterrence.

Motorcycle Parking Only

It is a good idea to set up parking spots for motorcycles at the edge of the sidewalk. It is also a good idea to post this sign so that your intention is heeded.

Parking Lot Signs from Municipal Supply

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