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How to Report a Missing or Damaged Street Sign

How to Report a Missing or Damaged Street Sign

Have you ever been cruising through a neighborhood only to find that a Stop or Yield sign just seems to be laying down on the side of the road? Whether through vandalism, accidents or weather, there’s a good chance that the lifespan of some signs are going to be cut short.

Consumers often get in touch with Municipal Supply & Sign Company to ask what to do in these cases.

The Benefits of Street Signs

Many of the benefits of street signs are relatively obvious. Without them, it can be rather hard for individuals to figure out where they’re going and what streets are which. Property managers who want to post such signs may be interested in large direction arrows, which indicate which way that motorists should keep. These can be ordered in either a left or right orientation. Chevron signs are attractive for the same reason, though they can be followed up in long lines because of their diminutive size.

How To Tell If A Street Sign is Missing

In many cases, it’ll be obvious since a sign post that you’re familiar with will be suddenly empty. You may also find that a street sign is either broken apart or suddenly positioned somewhere down below the pole. If that’s the case, then it usually needs to be replaced with a sign that’s identical to it. For instance, you’d want to replace traditional school signs with ones that are designed precisely to the same specifications.

Notify Authorities for Missing Street Signs

Depending on your locality, you may need to contact either the road commission, the department of transportation or your local peace officers to report a damaged street sign. Those who live in private communities, like trailer courts, will have to get in touch with their property manager. They’ll then be able to invest in the same kind of residential signs that were originally posted in the area.

What to Do With Damaged Street Signs

In some cases, damaged signs can be repaired to a certain degree. Vandal-resistant nuts and other pieces of sophisticated mounting hardware can be employed to ensure that once the sign is put back in place, it won’t be coming down any time soon. The real problems happen when the actual face of the sign has suffered damage in some sort of way. If that’s the case, then it’ll probably be necessary to replace the sign with one that’s just like it. Some authorities keep extras on hand just in case that sort of thing happens.

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  • Toni Foster on

    I recently moved on Irby street in Greenville Mississippi but the street sign is missing..Thanks

  • Tawnya Magee on

    Our street sign on rolling hill and Ridgeview is missing. Can we please have another installed

  • Jimny on

    Been missing a patton cove rd sign over 6 yrs need it it replaced swannanoa that would be Buncombe.

  • Michae Honeycutt on

    Street sing for pinewood dr charlotte nc 28269 need to put back up

  • Tony Spivey on

    Our street sign was moed down by a driver in July and needs to be replaced. THe street sign was on a new street named Sweet Bulb lane in Winston Salem. Please have it replaced. Thanks

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