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Top 5 Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

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Top 5 Benefits of Vehicle Wraps


Vehicle wraps are used by many businesses in the Contracting Industry to draw attention to their company. Many companies opt for vibrant colors that can truly bring passersby eyes drawn to it instantly. That way you will always be recognized as your vehicle goes flying down the road. Other companies opt for a more practical solution for their vehicle needs. They just want their name, phone number and address with basic colors. Either direction you choose, you are still exposing your company to thousands of people more per day than you would without vehicle wraps.

  1. The average cost per impression is lower than any other form of advertising. This allows for increased brand exposure every single day!
  2. The durability on vehicle wraps are extensive with high performance vinyl being used that can last several years in the Florida UV sun. The intense sunlight is no competition to the vinyl being used on vehicle wraps today.
  3. Did I mention the fact that it’s free! You only pay for the initial wrap and everywhere you go you will have eyes gazing at your vehicle. It does not matter if it’s parked or it is flying down the highway. You will have eyes on you, wherever the journey takes you.
  4. The initial cost is cheap. Instead of spending thousands on useless radio ads, commercials or print ads where only select markets come across your message. People from every market and sector will see your message and be forced to see it.
  5. It can be the difference maker in how you portray your business. If you want to inform your customers you are creative and innovative then opt for a vibrant wrap or decals. If you want, professional then you can have a nice, simple decal and some lettering. Your brand image is how you present yourself to others and this is what represents you as a company.

Our sister company, Signarama Naples is the leading provider of the best vehicle wraps in Naples and have continued time after time to prove their reputability as your one stop shop for all signage needs.

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  • Hailey Tresch on

    I especially can attest to #3! I think it’s great that our PayFrog truck wrap is a once every several years expense and it reaches so many people. Other advertising you have to pay for monthly. Thanks for sharing!
    Hailey from PayFrog,

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