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Top 5 Fun Facts about Speed Limit Signs

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Top 5 Fun Facts about Speed Limit Signs

Every driver sees the dreaded speed limit sign on the highway. It informs us that we are probably going too fast and need to slow down or we are stuck in stand still traffic when the speed limit is 60 MPH. For most, the speed limit sign is seen as a detriment and a negative rather than being of actual good use. Most countries have speed limit signs for safety measures and the United States being the leading provider of speed limit signs across their national highway system. Here is 5 fun facts about Speed Limit Signs we bet you didn't know:

1. The first speed limit sign was introduced in the United Kingdom in the 1860s where drivers were required to go 10 MPH or under.

2. Australian speed limit signs are rectangular but have a red circle on a white background which is far different than what we are used to in America.

3. Digital speed limit signs are used for variable purposes to change the speed limit based on the time of day and the overall flow of traffic.

4. In parts of Germany, there are no speed limit signs on the Autobahn. On an average day, drivers will exceed 93 MPH.

5. Some European cars have built in technology that can process the speed limits of the road they are on and inform the driver if they are going to fast. This technology is known as Intelligent Speed Adaptation and has yet to arrive to the States.

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