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What Size Post Do I Buy to Put up a Traffic Sign?

What Size Post Do I Buy to Put up a Traffic Sign?

You may ask what size post to buy to put up a traffic sign. We have the answer and posts available for each occasion.

Sign Size

Street sign sizes vary by type. The width of a “street name” sign can range from 18 inches to 48 inches based on the number of characters needed. A common sign like a “yield” sign has dimensions of 66 x 36 x 36. Some other common dimensions are 24 x 24 for a “hazardous materials” sign, 48 x 30 for a “road closed” sign, 18 x 12 for a “use crosswalk” sign, 12 x 18 for a “no parking” sign, and 12 x 16 for a “4-way” sign.

Standard Stop Sign Size

The size for a conventional “stop” sign is 30 x 30. That jumps up to 36 x 36 for a sign positioned on an expressway. While the maximum for an oversized stop sign is 48 x 48, the minimum allowable size is 24 x 24.

1. Triangle Daymarker Sign

triangle marker sign

This engineer-grade sign is available in 36 x 36 or 48 x 48. Its fluorescent background and high-intensity numbers maximize visibility with daytime and nighttime reflection. Markers are applied to anodized aluminum to meet U.S. Coast Guard specifications. Designed to stand up to the harshest UV rays, each fully washable sign lasts up to 10 years. This is an eco-friendly, recyclable choice.

2. Neighborhood Watch Sign

Neighborhood Watch Sign

Available in both engineer grade and high-intensity prismatic, this 18 x 24 sign provides deterrents against intruders in HOAs and neighborhoods. Made using recyclable, environmentally-friendly materials, this sign will last up to 10 years amid strong UV rays and sunlight without fading or chalking. It offers high reflectivity for nighttime.

3. Stop Sign

Stop Sign

This standard stop sign comes in high-intensity prismatic or diamond grade (DG3). Choose from 18 x 18, 24 x 24 or 30 x 30. Manufactured with D.O.T. anodized aluminum with 3M Scotchlite™ reflective sheeting, this sign adheres to all Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) specifications. It offers high reflectivity at night. This is a long-lasting, eco-friendly stop sign made from fully recyclable materials. The sign holds up flawlessly in extreme UV rays and sunlight for up to 10 years.

Traffic Post Sign Sizes

The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) dictates that the bottom of a traffic sign needs 7 feet of clearance from the ground. The purpose of this is to prevent people from hitting their heads when passing undersigns. When hanging signs over traffic areas, the minimum clearance is 17 feet.

Get Premium Signs Meeting All MUTCD Regulations At Municipal Supply & Sign

Shop Municipal Supply & Sign Company’s comprehensive selection of MUTCD-compliant signs for roads, highways, residential neighborhoods, campuses, parks, bike paths, parking areas, and more! Both standard and specialty dimensions are available. All of these environmentally friendly, fully recyclable signs are resistant to sunlight, UV rays, chalking, peeling, and fading.
To find out more, please reach out to us today. Municipal Supply & Sign will answer all of your questions about traffic signs and post sizes.

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