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The Machine That is Taking over the Sign Industry by Storm

Colex Digital Printing Innovation

The Machine That is Taking over the Sign Industry by Storm

Do you have a crazy sign idea that you want done? Is there something that you want tried but never thought a sign company actually has the capabilities of accomplishing such a feat? Well today is your lucky day! With the new state of the art Colex Digital Cutting System that Signarama Naples and Municipal Supply and Sign Company has ordered it can be done. All of your creative dreams can be put on a high quality sign or banner or any of the endless materials there are to choose from. Under Municipal’s website they have a partnership with HP that allows their customer base to design customized wall art. This interactive tool allows their customers a chance to imagine what their customized banner, sign, or vinyl would appear in a hypothetical living room space.  This tool is another feature that Municipal offers to give customers a firsthand look of how their dreams can turn into life. Signarama Naples offers three free graphic design proofs on designs to allow customers to design their sign to their liking.

What is a Colex Machine?

A Colex machine is a humongous 6,000 pound digital cutting system that has endless possibilities! The Colex machine is a versatile system that has multiple applications with a customized cutting system.  It is the future of digital printing and the sign industry. Signarama Naples and Municipal Supply and Sign company have partnered together to invest in this machine and work together expanding their capabilities.

What kind of features does a Colex Machine have?

The Colex Machine can really do it all. The Colex can help with Canvasses, Foam Boards, Vinyl, Aluminum, Textiles and much more. The cutting tools allow for signs to be cut significantly faster and more precise to make higher quality signs no matter what the material is. It can help with 2-Dimensional or 3-Dimensional Signs.  The 6 zone vacuum system ensures that every sign will be perfect regardless of the job being done. Many different tools such as an Engraver can be added to add Braille and Tactile that can be used for ADA compliant signs. It includes several compatible software including CAD, packaging design software and 3D software that can give premier designs for any type of sign you can imagine. The Colex machine is a tool many sign companies are not utilizing for its hefty cost and Signarama Naples is taking advantage of all the features it has to bring more signs to their customer base.


What does this mean for you?

For Municipal Supply and Sign customers, they have the ability to have your orders done faster, better, and more efficient.  Already known for having one of the fastest turnaround times in the business, Municipal Supply is expanding on that which allows them to have any bulk order done within just a few days.  They are now matching the powers of digital cutting with digital printing. Municipal Supply is known for their high quality aluminum signs which have just become enhanced and they won’t settle for anything less than perfect.

For Signarama Naples customers, the highest precision on the market is now available. 3D cutting is now a reality for Signarama Naples. 3D signs have become a hot commodity in the signage world. Signarama Naples is taking advantage of this newfound power and utilizing it to help the city of Naples with the highest quality signs available. Signarama Naples wants customers to get the full signage experience whether it is for business efforts or for a personal collection. Signarama Naples prides themselves off of their slogan, “The way to grow your business” and their signs have been used by many companies across the United States for a reason.

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