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The New Way to Make Signs

CNC Routing Service Colex Digital Printing

The New Way to Make Signs

What is CNC Routing?

                CNC Routing stands for Computer Numerical Control Router. A Computer Numerical Control Router is a cutting machine that is computer controlled and can perform a wide array of tasks that even the best carpenters in Naples can’t even accomplish. A CNC Router is designed to allow users to control the system from any remote location.

What do we use for CNC Routing?

                At Municipal Supply and Sign Company we use a Colex Digital Flatbed Cutter which utilizes a CNC Routing system to allow anyone from anywhere to control our Colex. A Colex is designed to cut any type of material in the most precise way possible bringing your vision to life.

How will this change the Sign Industry?

                The Sign industry has been a lucrative industry that has been always changing from one technological advancement to the next. Never stopping at one specific point and emerging as a revolutionary industry. From the new reflective sheeting to the digital flatbed cutters, the sign industry is more than just signs. It’s a way for people to express themselves and bringing their dreams to life. We all have visions for new designs and ways to promote our business, but never know what to do from there. We often just let our dreams continue to be dreams and never make the next step towards doing anything. A Colex is one of the many innovative tools that can be used to do any type of signage you can imagine.

                  These changes impact the Sign Industry drastically because it allows new cuts, new shapes, new sizes, and new designs allowing for practically anything that could not be done before, a reality.  The precision on these machines is more precise than anything that can be done by hand or a manually operated machine.  Precision is everything when it comes to your signs. Imagine this, you want a business card that is in the shape of a rectangle and the company that you ordered it from makes a mistake and one of the corners is rounded. How would you react to that knowing it would take days for you to get new ones that are done right? With a machine similar to that of the Colex, you can have this entire dilemma resolved in a mere few hours. This allows for more production and better production. What is there not to love about this CNC Routing Service system? At the path the industry is moving towards, CNC Routing services are the future. You can control the system from any remote location and be able to make the most magnificent designs imaginable. The CNC Routing Service appears to be the industry leader in how signs are made.

So what does this all mean for you?

         Well for starters, you can have your custom signage delivered to you quicker. The production time is done in a fraction of the time it took before. Not only that, but virtually any type of material can b e used to make any type of design you want. This can range from high quality HDU Sandblasted Signs to ADA Signs in the Office to Stop Signs intended for road use.

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