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ADA Signs for Schools

                                                                School Signs

ADA Signs for Schools

If your institution wants to meet federal compliance, then you need ADA signs. Whether you are an elementary school or an accredited university, having these reminders can improve a student or teacher’s quality of life. Take a look at our ADA signs for schools.

Does A School Need ADA Signs?

Yes, the American Disabilities Act requires all schools that are used as public facilities to have ADA-compliant signage. This signage ensures safety by making information accessible for all students, faculty, and visitors. Signage is required in all indoor and outdoor parts of campus.

ADA Compliant Signs For Schools

ADA Fire Extinguisher Sign

fire extinguisher sign

Made of high-quality brushed aluminum, this red fire extinguisher sign features graded Braille. The sign’s red finish provides reliable visibility. Each sign is cut by hand at our facility here in the United States to ensure precision and uniformity. Mounting tape is included.

ADA Stairs Sign

stairs sign

Available in four colors, this sign is made of high-quality brushed aluminum with graded Braille. This sign is handmade in the United States for quality assurance. It mounts easily using the mounting tape provided.

First Aid Sign

first aid sign

Available in both red and green, this sign made from high-quality brushed aluminum features graded Braille. It’s easily mounted using the foam mounting tape provided. These signs are handmade at our facilities in the United States for assurances of quality and compliance.

Premium ADA Restrooms Sign Set

restroom sign

Available in four colors, this is a high-quality, durable set made from brushed aluminum. It features graded Braille. Made by hand at our facility in the United States, this sign set can be easily mounted using the mounting tape provided.

Custom Room Number Sign

room number sign

Simply add in your room number at checkout to enjoy this custom room number sign made from high-quality brushed aluminum. This sign features graded Braille. Handmade in the United States, each sign offers a precise cut to create uniformity in a school hallway.

School ADA Sign Sizes

The dimensions on most standard ADA school signs are 6 x 9. However, signs for room numbers tend to be much smaller. ADA school signs should be large enough for fast visual recognition while also leaving enough room for Braille reading. Different sizes are available for ADA-compliant room numbers, restrooms signs, office signs, classroom signs, parking signs and more.

School ADA Sign Colors

ADA school signs come in a variety of colors. Signs related to fire safety are typically displayed in red. However, options for informational signs exist in blue, black, white green, taupe, slate, and more.

Get Quality ADA School Signs At Municipal Sign & Supply

Municipal Supply & Sign Co. offers premium ADA school signs made in the USA. We provide quick turnaround times with quality assurance! Offering wholesale prices, our team can help you to create full compliance throughout your facility.

To find out more, please reach out to us today. We’ll answer your questions about grade 2 braille options and more. Ask about rush shipping from Municipal Sign & Supply!