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Custom Wall Decals - Vinyl Wall Graphic Murals & Wall Stickers

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Custom wall decals have allowed us to change the way we see walls in the last ten years. Apart from painting and applying wallpaper, customized wall decals have revolutionized the wall design industry. Also known as wall vinyl, wall stickers, and wall appliqués, wall decals are simply vinyl stickers that are affixed to either a wall or a smooth surface for purposes of decoration or informational purposes in a commercial space. While some feature only one color, others can be customized to for personal taste and style. This article is a brief but detailed FAQ of custom wall decals.

· How many types of wall decals are available in the current market?

There are three main types of wall decals:

1.) Vinyl Custom Wall Decals
This wall sticker is made from the same materials used to make billboards and other signage that is a common scene around town. Vinyl made wall decals are not only durable but also extremely reliable. Since they can last for years outside, it goes without saying that when used for interior walls; they can last for more than 5 years without needing any replacement or expensive maintenance.
2.) Printed Graphic Wall Decals
Just like their name implies, these designs are printed on graphic decal materials. They can either be printed a clear vinyl sticker or on a white background canvas-like textured sticker. These are contoured and cut intricately meaning there is no white square border unless specially requested. Printed graphic wall decals are also removable and reusable.

3.) Wall Murals

These are specially designed to cover a wall entirely. Wall murals do not require any special wallpaper paste or chemical glue to adhere them to surfaces; these are essentially a large sticker that also peels easily. Since they are reusable, they act like a portable wall you can easily relocate with.

· Can walls with these custom vinyl decals be cleaned?

To help get rid of dust and keep these wall decorations shiny, it is advisable to clean regularly. Simply use a slightly damp cloth and a little hand soap to wipe the wall gently. It is not advisable to use spraying chemicals because direct contact with some chemicals can lead to running, bubbling, fading and streaking.

· Step by Step guideline on how to properly apply wall decors

Although these wall decorations are durable and add sophistication and ambiance in a room, all this can go wrong if wrongly applied. The application process is quite easy and straightforward. Here is a detailed guide:
Preparation begins with selecting a space. Ascertain the perfect wall space for the new decal and take measurements of the space. Take note of the existing colors and think about the shape and design that will enhance the style and décor of the space. Take your time to find a wall appliqué that works for your space by going over several options to find the color, shape, and design that is ideal for your space. 
Now that you have the perfect wall décor that suits your taste and presence, it is time to ensure the surface is clean, Remove any oil or dirt on the surface to ensure the adhesive works well. Always ensure the wall is completely dry before applying the stickers.
Proceed to place the decal near a guideline that you created earlier, Remove the covering of the adhesive and then carefully and gently stick it to the wall. Work gently and ask for help to ensure accuracy. Finalize the application by using a squeegee to smoothen the surface to ensure no air bubbles are left. Air bubbles lead to an uneven finish and improper adherence. The trick is to work from the middle and proceed outwards.
Take your time smoothing the surface and then remove the paper backing that protects the face of the wall decal. Peel the paper backing carefully and gently; if you are having a tough time removing then consider dampening the paper. 

· How can these wall stickers be removed?

High-quality wall appliqués are easily removable. In fact, the removal process is as easy as the application process. Start the removal process at one corner and delicately peel it while moving toward the center until you remove the sticker from the entire wall.


Why should you consider using custom wall decals?

If you think that your home, restaurant or office needs a little sprucing up then consider thinking out of the box; you don’t have to do the norm which is painting and applying wallpaper. Consider wall decals to make your interior décor more fun, elegant and exciting. Here are 5 reasons custom décor wall are a worthwhile investment;

1.) Custom wall decals provide originality
There is nothing as disappointing as investing in interior décor then find out it is common and not unique. With customization, you will be able to create a unique design that meets personal taste and individual style. Originality will allow you to stand out from the crowd when it comes to interior décor.
2.) Cleaning and maintaining wall decals is extremely easy and virtually free
Wallpaper and picture frames can pick up a lot of dust easily and need routine cleaning otherwise, there is a risk of permanent staining. However, this is not the case when dealing with wall decals because they are easy-to-clean. Additionally, vinyl is also quite robust and can last without cracking despite high temperatures and high humidity levels.
3.) Installation of custom wall decals is very easy
While many wall graphics and wall decorations are quite tricky to install, wall decals are quite easy to install provided the guideline is done right. Additionally, you don’t require any special tools or skill to help apply the wall appliqués properly.
4.) Vinyl Wall graphics are reusable
Decorating on a budget is a basic necessity for any stylish person. While wallpaper can only be used once, wall decals can be reused over and over again. Wall decals essentially give you an opportunity to own wall art that you can relocate with hence saving a lot of money.
5.) When it comes to wall graphics, the options are limitless
The biggest advantage of wall graphics is that there are an unlimited number of designs that come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. 


Customized wall decals are a great investment and a cost-effective choice for your residence or commercial space. Choose a style that works for you. Be sure you apply the wall decals accurately. If you need help with any of this, don't hesitate to contact us. We have a team of wonderful dedicated employees on call to answer your questions.