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Bike Path Signs For Sale

Bike Lane Signs

In late 2020, Sienna College conducted a survey among more than 800 New York City residents to gauge their sentiment towards designating special lines for bicycle riders. The results of the survey indicate that NYC residents overwhelmingly support this initiative, and this is pretty much in line with how many people across the United States feel about this topic.

Bike Lane Marking and Signs

At the Municipal Supply & Sign Company, we have noticed a steady increase in orders for signage related to bike and pedestrian lanes; this is part of an ongoing trend that has no signs of slowing down at all. To get an idea of the signs that municipalities, property managers, and residential developers are ordering from us, let’s review some of our best-sellers:

Bike Route

This is a classic sign that anyone can understand; it is often sold in larger quantities in order for bike lane managers to have replacements handy, and it can last up to a decade in extreme weather conditions thanks to the alodined aluminum material it is manufactured with. To get the most out of these signs, many of our clients order them with Diamond Grade 3M reflective sheeting, which provides the best visibility along with greater durability.

No Pedestrians

Ideally, bike lanes should be shared by those riding and walking, but this is not always possible, especially in urban areas with rush hour congestion. This sign follows the standards promulgated by the U.S. Department of Transportation for traffic control devices.

Bicycles Permitted

When you have nature trails or multipurpose pathways in a residential development, catering to pedestrians and bike riders is easier. Many of our clients who order these signs are managers of gated communities.

Learn More About Bike Path Signage

Should you have questions about our signs and the customization process, we will be happy to provide answers. Contact our office today and we will return your query as soon as we can.