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Handicapped Signs

Regulations spelled out in the Americans with Disabilities Act have specified that certain areas be made accessible for all consumers regardless of their own personal challenges. In order to clearly mark these areas, property owners and managers are encouraged to use handicapped ada signs which may or may not be required by the ADA and other state or county regulations.

Whether you’re looking to stay legal or you want to provide a helping hand to your consumers, signs from the Municipal Supply & Sign Co. can help.

Regulatory Compliance as it Applies to Signage

Regulations specify not only the size but, in many cases, also the color of accessibility signs in order to ensure that they’re visible. Consider the famous HR7-8 Reserve Parking Sign, which is perhaps one of the most famous lot traffic control signs around. It’s surrounded by a green border around a white field with an accessibility emblem in the middle of it. It’s instantly recognizable even if you weren’t able to read the text because part of the sign was obscured or you were too far away. That makes it an ideal option for marking off handicapped parking spaces one by one.

Handicapped Parking Sign

If you were to have several reserved parking spaces, then you’d want to have one of these in front of each. You might also consider putting up a permit required sign, which can help reduce the risk of someone parking in a reserved space without a placard. You could also find baby parking signs in a green color that also urge drivers to have permits as well, since there’s always a risk that someone might try and park in a spot that they’re not authorized to use.

The Benefits of Handicapped Signs

A far more basic handicap symbol sign might be more appropriate when marking off restroom facilities and other areas that are designed to be accessible. Since these lack text, they could be used in almost any type of setting you can imagine.

Depending on the type of facilities and organization you manage, there’s a good chance that you probably have at least some sort of areas set off that were designed with wheelchair access in mind. These signs make it possible to mark these areas properly so that anyone who might wish to use them will instantly be able to figure out their location.

In many cases, these signs will work best when paired with other notifications about the type of area involved, but they’re all distinctive enough that individuals would be able to notice them right away regardless.

Posting Sufficient Signage to Meet Regulatory Standards

Since signs come in several standard sizes, it shouldn’t be all that difficult to comply with regulations. Organizations that are simply marking out accessible areas for the convenience of their clientele may not even have to worry about this, though they’ll certainly still want to invest in appropriate ada signs. Regardless of your group’s specific requirements, make sure to contact us online. Our crew can help you get the signs you need to spruce up any area.