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Industrial and Utility Signs

Designed to provide visual guidance and caution for people entering work or industrial zones, industrial/utility signs are essential for safety.

Danger Flammable Sign (With No Smoking Symbol)

Alerting passersby that an area is highly volatile, this 18 x 18 Danger Flammable Sign (With No Smoking Symbol) combines text in “warning” red with a visual “no smoking” symbol. Designed for industrial areas, this environmentally friendly, recyclable sign is available in engineer grade, high intensity prismatic, and diamond grade (DG3).

Ear Protection Recommended Sign

Available in engineer grade, high intensity prismatic, or diamond grade (DG3), this 18 x 18 Ear Protection Recommended Sign offers a high-visibility reminder to apply for ear protection before entering a space using a recyclable, environmentally friendly design that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Fire Extinguisher Sign

This 18 x 18 Fire Extinguisher Sign with high visibility calls attention to fire extinguishers that are present in a building. Engineer grade, high intensity prismatic, and diamond grade (DG3) reflective sheeting options are available for this durable 18 x 18 sign.

Eye Protection Required Sign

Designed to alert visitors when they are entering an eye-protection zone in a lab, construction zone, or industrial setting, this 18 x 18 illustrated Eye Protection Required Sign is available with engineer grade, high intensity prismatic or diamond grade (DG3) sheeting.

Reduce Potential Hazards With Municipal Supply and Sign

Municipal Supply and Sign has many options for protecting your workplace visitors and employees. We believe that a heavy-duty, durable warning sign can make all the difference in reducing liability.

To find out more, please reach out to us today. Municipal Supply and Sign is ready to match your safety needs with the right signs.