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Law Enforcement Signs

All of our signs are designed to meet the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) specifications and are manufactured on D.O.T. Alodined Aluminum with 3M Scotchlite™ Reflective Sheeting. These reflective signs will not fade or chalk like some of the plain baked enamel and plain vinyl signs marketed by other sign companies. 

Our signs last 7-10 years in Florida UV and sunlight, are washable, completely recyclable, environmentally friendly and REFLECT at night. Operations that have to comply with these and other relevant regulations may find that these meet or exceed all of the requirements that they’re legally obliged to follow. Engineer grade or high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting are an option for several of these, in order to improve their ability to reflect at night.

Any law enforcement activities that are out of the purview of traditional agencies will have to be marked as well. This applies regardless of the fact that these aren’t necessarily attached to any specific department.

Neighborhood watch signs alert all visitors and other individuals that any suspicious activity could potentially be reported to law enforcement officials. While these are available with the orange theme that’s associated with these programs in many areas, you can also opt for an alternate sign. This sign features an eye that seems to be keeping a watch on the local area.

More demure uses for law enforcement markings include those for police parking, which can help to clearly state the locations where motorists can’t park. If you’ve ever had problems with people parking in spots that are supposed to be reserved for emergency vehicles, then this can be an excellent way to reduce this from happening.

Local laws may stipulate certain penalties that are associated with parking in such places. Make sure that all of these are clearly established. You can possibly cut down any confusion associated with these kinds of rules. It can also help to reduce the risk that emergency vehicles wouldn’t find a place to park if something did ultimately happen.

Follow Local Laws With Municipal Supply And Sign

At Municipal Supply and Sign, you can rest assured that you will have the tools needed for safety. Reduce illegal parking, or warn vehicles to go down.

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