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Railroad Signs

Whether you’re maintaining your own right of way or have a property that’s close to the tracks, railroad signs are a vital way to communicate messages to passengers and passersby. While trains are an extremely important mode of conveyance in any modern community, they can represent a hazard when the rules aren’t followed. 

By giving everyone involved an opportunity to see what’s at stake, you can help to dramatically improve compliance while reducing the risk of accidents. In many cases, the exact type of signage that you need to post will have to be tailored to the class of equipment being used.

Those who have light rail systems, for instance, will want to look into right lane or left lane only signs, which will showcase exactly what side of the road is used by a street-running light rail vehicle. Modernized streetcars may need a center lane only sign, which could also be used when high-iron railroads are run straight through the middle of a street.

Do not drive on tracks signs are another great way to tell motorists to show a healthy degree of respect for train tracks. These are not meant as motorways, and they shouldn’t ever be used as such. By posting these signs, you can help to remind drivers that these tracks are there.

While you might think that they’re quite visible, they may not always be in all conditions. There’s also always a chance that you could have a driver who might not adhere to these rules unless they’re posted.

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