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Warning Signs

Browse our selection of street warning signs, to help with traffic or road safety. Even the smallest side roads may need some direction, to alert drivers or pedestrians of particular conditions.

W2-5-Intersection Warning Sign

A Y-symbol (W2-5) sign warns of an upcoming intersection with the potential for turning or entering traffic. Durable and highly visible, this 30 x 30 W2-5-Intersection Warning Sign is available in high-intensity prismatic or diamond grade (DG3).

This sign grabs attention during the daytime and nighttime with a vibrant reflective finish ensuring 24-hour visibility. The reflective finish on this sign is designed to stand up to intense sunlight and exposure to the elements in all climates. In addition to being washable, this sign can be recycled.

W3-5-Reduced Speed Limit Ahead Sign

Intended to let road users know of an impending speed-limit reduction that exceeds 10 miles per hour, our 36 x 36 W3-5-Reduced Speed Limit Ahead Sign is available in a high intensity prismatic or Diamond Grade (D3) finish. Designed to stand up to direct sunlight, this recyclable, environmentally friendly sign with 24-hour reflectivity is easy to clean.

W7-2P-Use Low Gear Sign (Plaque)

Signaling to drivers that it’s time to bring vehicle speed lower relative to engine speed, our 24 x 18 W7-2P-Use Low Gear Sign (Plaque) is available in high intensity prismatic or Diamond Grade (DG3). Offering 24-7 reflectivity, this sign is designed to stand up to direct UV exposure. It’s easy to wash, easy to recycle and environmentally friendly.

Protect Pedestrian Crossings With Municipal Sign And Supply

Municipal Sign And Supply wants to help you with road conditions and speed limits. Road safety is a high priority for us, and we retail the signs that can prevent potential hazards.
To find out more, reach out to us today. From road signs to intersection warnings, Municipal Sign & Supply has exactly what you need.