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Why Choosing the Right Reflectivity on Your Sign Can Lead to Saving Lives

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Why Choosing the Right Reflectivity on Your Sign Can Lead to Saving Lives

It is a natural phenomenon that as we get older our eyesight will deteriorate. Especially, as we approach the age of 65. People over the age of 65 are at the most risk of getting in an accident. It is our job to help make our roads safer for not only the elderly population, but for everyone.  Only 25% of time spent driving is done at night, yet over half of the accidents happen during this time period. You’re probably asking yourself, how can this be the case and what can I do to help? Well, one of the largest contributors to this depressing travesty is people failing to see the stop sign. Something as simple as this can easily be prevented by making the right choice today.

Your basic engineer grade stop sign is commonly used and is one of the major contributors to automotive accidents during the night. The common engineer grade reflectivity only allows drivers to see it from up to 500 feet away during perfect road conditions. Engineer grade signs have a life span typically between 5 and 7 years compared to that of your premier diamond grade signs lasting over double that span at almost 15 years! Diamond grade signs can be seen from over 1500 feet away which reflects 1,000 feet farther than your low-end engineer grade signs. That means, you can see a diamond grade sign, almost 3 full football fields farther than engineer grade signs at night! Studies have shown, that when drivers can recognize the sign faster and from further distances there is a significant reduction in the number of accidents in a given area.

Diamond grade lasts longer, shines brighter, and looks nicer! What is there not to love about them? For a slight price increase you can make the switch today and help save an innocent life from dying a preventable death. Call Municipal Supply and Sign Company today to get a free quote on how you can make a change.

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