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ADA Signs – Are you following the Law?

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ADA Signs – Are you following the Law?

Do I need an ADA sign?

Are you breaking the law at your business without even knowing it? The Americans with Disabilities Act is one of the most commonly broken laws in the workplace and if you are caught without proper ADA signs you are looking at a very hefty fine of up to $75,000. The Americans with Disabilities Act is a law that regulates the accessibility for people who are disabled by requiring companies to have signage that is easy to read, not only visually but through touch with the use of Braille.  Any sign that is considered an architectural sign is an ADA sign and has to comply with the codes enforced.

Any sign that is going to be used for advertising or marketing purposes does not have to follow the ADA sign codes. This includes signs with your company logo or names on it as well as temporary signs.

What are ADA sign requirements?

Typically when you think of ADA Signs you picture the International Symbol of Access which is the White Wheelchair on a Blue background. Yes, this sign is compliant with ADA regulations, but there is so much more to ADA signs and the benefits they offer.

There are simple regulations regarding ADA signs that many companies are not following.

Easy To Read

ADA Signs must be easy to read to help those who are visually impaired. With that being said, there must be no glare and little reflection to these signs.  The color of these signs does not matter as long as there is a clear distinction of the contrast between light and dark. Where if there is a light background there must be dark easy to read text or if there is a dark background there must be light easy to read text.

Proper Placement

ADA signs that are designed for Elevators, Office Rooms, Restrooms, and Stairways must be located next to the door to make it more accessible for those who are visually impaired to understand where they are required to go.  

At Municipal Supply and Sign Company we have memorized all the regulations ten times over to ensure your company is compliant with all the necessary requirements.

What are the benefits of having an ADA compliant sign?

For starters, the most important benefit is you are following the law and do not have to worry about an uninvited business inspector knocking at your door checking up on your signage. ADA signs can still be visually appealing while following the regulations. At Municipal Supply, we know you care about sophistication at your business and having eye-grabbing ADA signs at your business can be the extra step in setting yourself apart from the competition.

ADA signs are also important to helping your customers who are visually impaired or have a disability be able to understand where to go and what to do when they are at your place of business. When you have ADA signs it emphasizes the fact that your business cares about all people.

Where can I get an ADA sign that is compliant with all the regulations?

ADA signs are offered by many Sign Shops in the country and you can order them online. You will pay for the bare minimum at an overpriced cost for a sign that will need to be replaced within a year or two. Our signs at Municipal are of better value, higher quality, more durable, and have a personal touch added to them that you can only get by choosing us. We are the only premier signage company in Naples, Florida that can do it all.


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