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Is it Illegal to Take Street Signs? What Will Happen if You Do

Is it Illegal to Take Street Signs? What Will Happen if You Do

Street signs adorning the walls of college dorm rooms, recreation centers, and garages are tropes in some Hollywood films and television series. You may have also seen such signs as part of a rustic bar or pub decor.

What these signs have in common is that they are not real; they are movie props or decorative items, which means that they were not illegally taken. In some cases, they may have been purchased from a municipality that had already retired the sign and was planning on selling it for metal scrap.

The Conclusion of Taking a Street Sign Off Its Post

Taking a street sign off its post or display structure is a crime that can take on various dimensions and could land someone in jail under certain circumstances. If you take a stop sign at a busy intersection, for example, and an accident ensues, you could be charged with various felonies; moreover, you may even be determined to have been liable for the disaster, which means that just about any court will order you to pay restitution.

Stealing Street Signs

Street signs, whether they are used for regulatory or geographical information, are property of municipalities, states, or the federal government. When you steal a sign or a plaque, you are essentially taking resources that were paid for by the people and installed for their own benefit, so you can imagine the severity of the charges and punishment such crimes would entail; they are usually enhanced misdemeanors and felonies.

Get Your Own Sign

Even if you take signs from a gated community, there may still be consequences for you to face. Imagine having to explain this spot on your criminal record to a future employer. If you want a real street sign to display in your rec room or basement bar, you can always place a custom order with us, or you can check if your municipality has retired signs for sale. For more information about our products, contact Municipal Supply and Sign Company today.

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