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Do “No Soliciting” Signs Really Work? How Effective Are They?

Do “No Soliciting” Signs Really Work? How Effective Are They?

With the advent of the internet, door-to-door sales and other forms of direct solicitation are no longer as common as they were a couple of decades ago; however, North American business and property owners still get their fair share of door knockers and others who seek direct interaction. Interestingly, the year 2020 marked an increase of solicitation by contact tracing workers during the worst months of the coronavirus pandemic, and also by political canvassers prior to the presidential election.

How Effective Are No Soliciting Signs?

To answer the question above: “No Soliciting” are very effective, particularly when they are posted on commercial properties. These signs are just as effective as the “No Trespassing” or “No Loitering” signs posted in some neighborhoods or commercial buildings. It should be noted that soliciting is seldom prohibited by municipal ordinance because doing so may run contrary to what is allowed in a state constitution. In other words, “No Soliciting” signs that quote city or county codes are not very common.

The Importance Of No Soliciting Signs

Solicitation as a legal principle has been deemed as being important enough to merit review by the United States Supreme Court, and the decisions in these cases boil down to the following: Individuals engaged in solicitation are asking for something, mostly attention, and they have a right to do so. Property owners have similar rights insofar as posting “No Soliciting” signs to let others know that they should not bother.

When you post one of these signs, the message gets across very clearly. Professional sales teams will tell their members to stay away from properties that prohibit solicitation because they would be wasting their time. In some Hispanic-American communities, you do not see these signs too much because business owners are always looking for good deals.

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