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What type of Hardware should I get?

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What type of Hardware should I get?

Hardware is the most essential component of your signage projects. Without hardware, you would not be able to properly secure your sign to what it is going to be displayed on. Knowing which hardware to get for your sign can be a challenge and we want to walk you through the steps you should take when looking for which hardware to get for your project.

What type of post is your sign going to be displayed on? 

There are 4 main types of posts that hardware is displayed on being Square Posts, Delineator Posts, Galvanized U Channel Posts, and Green U Channel Posts. Each post serving a different function. To know which hardware goes with which post, please click here. This article discusses which hardware is associated with which post if you are going to display your signage on it.

What type of durability and other features are you looking for when securing your sign?

This dilemma is very important when it comes to using Steel compared to Nylon specifically in reference to washers. The benefits with Nylon washers are in regards to the functionality purposes. Nylon is a strong material and is multi-functional allowing you to use it for varying purposes besides securing your signage. Nylon is a durable material that does the job and is recommended by most experts in the industry including us truly preferring the Nylon option. Nylon allows for strong friction and will hold signs even through the most rigorous weather conditions. The alternative to choosing Nylon is Steel Washers. Steel washers are built for the most rigorous of conditions and can withstand serious traction. Steel washers are great and trusted by most companies but with this great reputation comes a heftier price. Nylon and Steel both will do the same job in terms of securing signage to its respective post, but choosing Nylon will allow for further options that Steel just can't do.

Steel is preferred when it comes in terms of screws and nuts because they are used for very specific projects and when needed will perform as expected without any hassle. A feature common with many steel screws is whether or not they are tamper proof. Having a tamper proof screw is taking the extra mile to ensure you will have no troubles with protection of your signage. Tamper proof screws allow for a long-lasting use in any environment without worry that they will be easily torn off. 

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