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How Can I Protect my Neighborhood?

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How Can I Protect my Neighborhood?

Many Homeowner Associations, Gated and Private Communities partake in the Neighborhood Watch Program. This program originated in 1972 and is a division of the National Sheriff’s Association. The National Neighborhood Watch Program was built off of the strength of citizens and they wanted it to be their duty to protect the other citizens in their respective neighborhoods. It is the civil responsibility of a citizen to not only protect themselves but to protect their neighbors and those that are surrounding them.

Neighborhood Watch Programs are run by citizens who partake in honorable actions to build relations within their community. They want to make sure their neighborhoods are safe and will work with Law Enforcement to protect them. Neighborhood Watch Programs are ineffective if they do not have the proper resource kits needed to do their duties. The most important item in the safety resource kits is often the most overlooked but widely recognized as being a staple. The Neighborhood Watch Signs are the most vital safety tool in communities. Without having one of these signs, criminals will be less hesitant in committing a crime. Just from that standpoint, the number of crime incidents will significantly decrease because criminals are less likely to partake in criminal activity. These signs also give the community members a sense of safety and security, that they can live knowing their neighbors are risking so much to ensure their protection and safety.

Neighborhood Watch Signs are vital to the operations of a Neighborhood Watch Program and if they fail to meet MUTCD Standards. Meeting MUTCD standards are crucial because this is what allows pedestrians and drivers to be able to clearly decipher the message that appears on the sign. Municipal Supply and Sign carries several variations of the official National Neighborhood Watch Signs and we pride ourselves on all of our traffic signs meeting MUTCD regulations.

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